Les  13rd Apr 2011 12:26:10

This is a section with information that doesn't really fit in the other sections. It's mainly my observations on the things that point us in certain directions often without our knowing. The things that happen right in front of our eyes that would, if we'd thought about them, make us annoyed. (It's mainly me ranting on about something or other.)

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Ridicule is a powerful technique

Les  13rd Apr 2011 09:02:12

Forum Discussion

If you think there is no evidence about UFOs, well you just haven't been paying attention like the little kid at the back of the class looking out of the window.

The evidence is there but you wont hear about it on the Evening News. There wont be a discussion about it on TV or radio. Even if there is a TV documentary made about UFOs you can guarantee it'll be made in a so called 'balanced' way that actually gives more weight to the sceptics uninformed view. They don't seem to make new UFO documentaries any more they just show you lots of clips taken from old documentaries. The documentary may start off as if it's actually considering the evidence but by the end it will go to some old clip of an ill-informed sceptic making out that all believers in UFOs must be nuts.

Ridicule is a powerful technique. At school it is generally associated with bullying and seen as a bad thing except of cause when a teacher ridicules a student. Society doesn't accept bullying in school but doesn't notice it in other walks of life.

Some news channels have discovered the power of ridicule. In fact they go as far as bullying interviewees in all kinds of subjects, not just the subject of UFOs. Most people don't even notice this happening. They take the side of the news channel without even thinking about it.

I was watching Prime Minister Question Time the other day on the BBC's Parliament Channel and noticed the same thing happening. The PM used ridicule time and time again to avoid answering the questions asked by the leader of the opposition. Although it's not just the PM, they all seem to do it. If the politicians can't even talk to each other with a bit of respect you shouldn't expect them to be respectful to the general public.

There is a lot of hoaxes out there but if you look carefully you'll find the evidence, lots of evidence. That's what this website is all about, finding the UFO evidence for you.


UFOs the evidence?

Les  17th Mar 2011 21:42:45

If a UFO video I find on YouTube has words like 'Proof' or 'Must See' I tend to just glance at them because they are almost always fakes. Some though are difficult to know if they are real or fakes.

The problem is that the pictures are sometime too good.
Normally when people see a little fuzzy ball of light with no definition it gets called a UFO. On the other hand if people see a UFO on video in detail and in high quality people say it's a fake. It's a pity that CGI is so good nowadays. If it wasn't for CGI we maybe already have had a video that was seen as absolute proof.

Devon, England

Wales, United Kingdom

Over the Alps in Switzerland

Taken in the 1950's in California

Taken in the 1960's

This picture was discovered by a man while clearing out his parent's home after they had died. He thinks it was taken sometime in the early 1960's a few miles away from the house in Kentucky. He's parents had never said anything about it to him.


9/11 and Internet Surveillance

Les  25th Apr 2011 15:14:00

9/11 is a subject that seems too dangerous to mention. I put a video on these Thoughts pages about building 7 that most people haven't even heard about and it generated a lot of hits. Mentioning the president generates the same type of hits.

I looked to see where the hits originated and was surprised that some were from: MARKMONITOR INC - Arlington VA

They grabbed my attention because apart from google maps showing CIA and FBI buildings close to both addresses, the Domain Whois record says:

Domain Management
MarkMonitor Brand Protection™
AntiFraud Solutions
Corporate Consulting Services

If MARKMONITOR INC are monitoring the net for the FBI or the CIA, I must say I'm very impressed by their software that noticed so quickly that I'd published something about 9/11 and President Obama.

Now after reading conspiracy theories about 9/11 witnesses that have mysteriously died after saying they had stories that did not comply with the official story, I think maybe we all should be worried. Internet surveillance seems extremely advanced.

I'm sure this article will generate just as many MarkMonitor hits.

[Edited 25th April 2011 18:12:49]
MARKMONITOR INC - Sunnyvale CA visited the site 25th April 2011 18:09:39.


Google AdSense

Les  28th Mar 2011 16:29:36

I've never made any money from my websites and probably never will especially this one because of it's content. I did have a Google AdSense account for about the last 8 years. I used it on my rock bands website and I also used it for 2 years on my internet radio website until we ran out of money. The licences to have a legal internet radio station cost far more than we could ever make from advertising.

On those other two websites in all of that time the ads were in a box entitled 'Ads'. In most of that time there was a note in the ad box saying please click on the ads as they are our only source of income.

When I started in late February 2011, I set up a new AdSense campaign and did exactly what I'd done for the last 8 years. I put the ads in a box on the website with a note saying please click on the ads as they are out only source of income.

On the 14th March 2011, I got an email from adSense that said "During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program policies" then later explained that it was because I was "ENCOURAGING CLICKS". Then it said "Please make all necessary changes in the next 72 hours". So I thought what an idiot I was for not reading the terms and conditions and I immediately removed the text asking people to click on the ads. I even removed the title word Ads from the top of the box. I did that on all three websites even though the email had only mentioned the website.

On the 23rd March 2011 I received an email from them saying my Adsense account had been disabled and the money given back to the advertisers. Astonished, I filled out their appeal form and then had to wait a week for a reply. When the reply came on the 28th March 2011, it said "After thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we're unable to reinstate your AdSense account".

I've just looked at the visitor counts for my two other websites, the bands website visitor count is up to 110622 and the radio station visitor count got up to 92783 before it closed down. The website counter is only up to 5203 as I'm writing this.

I can only conclude it's a Google AdSense policy not to have their ads on controversial websites or that someone personally at Google AdSense doesn't like the content of the website. Maybe they just don't believe in UFOs. Maybe I've offended them by including a video that links UFOs with the Bible. Maybe the mention of 9/11 was too much for them. I don't know. I never intend to offend anyone.

The strange thing is that they've disabled my AdSense account that earned me a few pence a year but they still want me to keep an AdWords account and still send me emails asking me to give them pounds and pounds to advertise on Google. Well they can forget that. What hypocrites!

There is information out there that most people do not know about or simply don't want to know about. If it's not on the telly, if it's not in the news papers, if it's not in OK magazine and if it's generally thought of as ridiculous they don't want to know and get offended. (See the RANT below.) I think the site has offended someone at Google AdSense.


UK Government UFO files released in March 2011

Les  15th Mar 2011 15:28:08

I was just going through a few of the hundreds of UFO sighting files that have just been released and I realised that I was skipping through the files that didn't grab my attention by having a drawing or unusual writing. So then I just picked one at random and read it.

It was from the file defe-24-2059-1-1.pdf and entitled:

It's only a short letter from a Squadron Leader at RAF Shrewsbury reporting a large UFO had been seen over Meole Brace in Shrewsbury and it wasn't one of their RAF helicopters.

Then it hit me that a lot of these UFO sightings were by officials. People in high authority.

So why when such people are reporting UFOs as well as the average people in the street is this subject totally ignored by mainstream media. What happened to investigative journalism? Why isn't someone at the BBC saying
"Hang on a minute! This should be looked into seriously! There IS a lot of evidence about UFOs! Lets make a serious documentary about it!".

Sorry this has turned in to my usual rant about the inept investigative journalism that seems to be prevalent in the UK and US at the moment.


Humans and the Internet

Les  24th Feb 2011 01:25:39

Humans are naturally inquisitive and resourceful creatures and I'm sure sooner or later the daily dose of shallow TV media news and entertainment will not be enough. We are already seeing people especially the younger generation actually turning off the TV altogether and getting their news and entertainment online.

Online we're exposed to many more viewpoints and so we don't have to go along with the usual TV news format of bad news, bad news, ridicule of new ideas, bad news and then the fluffy ahhhh story at the end. We can read what we like and follow information coming from many different sources.

I've always been interested in UFOs and alien life. I remember watching the children’s TV series called 'UFO' by Gerry Anderson the producer of the puppet series Thunderbirds. It started me thinking about alien life and the things people have seen in the skies. At about the same time NASA had men walking on the moon and I had a set of 'Space Age' Meccano.

In those days to get information about those subjects meant going to the library and hopefully they had books that were just as interesting to read as the pictures on the front cover. Although the books were usually the same limited information about planets and stars and with artist impression's of what alien life may look like. There was no real alien information at all and if sightings were mentioned it was treated as a joke.

When 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' came out in 1977 I went to see that film at least 8 times. After I saw it the first time I told all my friends about it and I'd go with them to see it again and again.

In 1981 I was with a group of friends walking through a park or cricket ground in West London when we all saw a UFO fly high above our heads but it was below the clouds. It looked like a silver ball. It could have been sunlight reflecting off it but it was very bright and fast. It only took a few seconds from when we noticed it coming towards us, to it disappearing into the distance. It wasn't a balloon. I'm not even sure there were those metallic looking helium filled balloons in 1981 (I could be wrong). I did know that I wouldn't be able to find a book that could tell me what we'd just seen.

Nowadays when I want to find out about any subject I search the web and usually find what I'm looking for. If it's UFOs, forgotten ancient history, the moons of Jupiter or even what to buy for someone’s birthday, I'll find a wide range of information or products.

The internet is great like TV was in the past. I just hope that big business doesn't get a strangle hold on it like it did with TV. In Britain the commercials are for about 5 minutes every 15 minutes. In the US it's even worse. I can already see the signs; Google's getting more and more rich and powerful putting the big spenders to the top of the list, Commercial breaks in the YouTube videos and viral email commercial videos.

As I said at the beginning; humans are naturally inquisitive and resourceful creatures so when the internet gets dumbed down like TV was they'll find something else that interests them.



Les  17th Feb 2011 22:01:00

Trying to explain anything that is not the popular belief is very difficult. I never really want to start defending my thoughts on UFOs but sometimes the things people say are so obviously straight from the last biased documentary they saw on the TV.

The documentaries usually have a large number of UFO witnesses and to make it 'balanced' they also have one sceptic who's views are aired throughout the show. Most of the witnesses are respectable people, well educated and quite often didn't believe in UFOs until the incident they are talking about. Yet the shows always give the views of the sceptic a higher value.

It's the way that the documentaries make people out to be stupid or misguided just because they have a different opinion to the norm. It's a subliminal way of making people not want to believe anything different because they will be laughed at or ridiculed. It's a well used type of propaganda.

Once people start believing in something after constantly only hearing one side of the story they are then defending their belief and themselves in arguments too. So they get offended.


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