Why are there no Black Aliens?

Les  7th Jun 2011 15:41:11

I was watching some videos on a YouTube channel that had a lot of videos about how white people have bleached history white. Jesus being the main subject. Well, I'm white and far from believing in a white history and the white people of the bible, I think the Caucasian assimilation goes further, much further.

How could the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt be white when the the vast majority of people living there are dark skinned? If you take a good look at what is left of the face of the Sphinx you'll see that it has the features of a dark skinned or black person. Look at it from all sides.

Huge stone heads depicting black faces have been found all over the world that are most likely dating from thousands and thousands of years before the earliest history as depicted in the bible.

Olmecs lived along the Gulf of Mexico
from about 1200BC

I can see why black people become angry when they learn about the white elimination of black history. Everybody, white and black and all of the other shades in-between need to remember that we've all been fooled. People only believe in the white history because that is how it's taught in school and how history is depicted in the media.

Some of the videos I watched had angry black ministers shouting at white people on the street as if those particular white people had instigated the whole thing. Yet it was obvious that the white people hadn't a clue about the reality of human history. There was no wonder that the white people found it hard to believe that what they had been taught their whole life was wrong.

I'm not saying that black people shouldn't get angry about the white takeover of history, they have every right to. I'm not saying that the videos of people shouting down white people don't have an effect. All I'm saying is that confrontation and shock wont win the argument, education will. Education as in; get the information out there, get it in the media, write it in books and get more of it on the internet.

This subject started me thinking about the white depiction of Aliens too. Some ufologists talk about there being around 64 different alien species out there and they range in everything from hairy giants to little grey men (and women). Whatever colour the aliens are shown as, be it grey, green or scaly they all seem to have faces that are some sort of deformed white face.

If as I think there was an advanced civilisation 12500 years ago, said to be gods or alien in origin, who travelled the world leaving huge stone statues depicting themselves. At least some of them were black because some of the stone faces have black features. If they were descendent of gods or aliens that must mean at least some gods or aliens were and are black.



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