What is 'Open-Minded'?

Les  20th Jun 2011 15:11:24

Well on line The Free Dictionary and Your Dictionary both define it as 'Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others'. I'm sure most other dictionaries define it in a similar way.

So when people say to me they are Open-Minded but then go on to say that all UFOs have to have an Earthly explanation because it is impossible to travel between stars due to the vast distances evolved, well that just makes me very disappointed. Not annoyed or angry as you may expect. It just makes me very disappointed.

Disappointed because when I think about how intelligent some of these people are (Engineers mainly) that I've talked to. It makes me think how much further on technologically the world would be if people were truly open-minded.

I've just watched the video again in my article called Secret UFO Propulsion Systems and I just don't understand why Boyd Bushman a Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin hasn't been on the front cover of every scientific magazine because of his work on Anti-Gravity.

If you mention anti-gravity to people they seem to go into a sort of glassy eyed state where you can tell they are not even listening. It's because of a long held presumption that anti-gravity is only possible in science-fiction. Whereas if you talk about UFOs to people they take it as a joke or a licence to make fun of you. It can get quite nasty.

History is full of scientists and inventors who suffered ridicule from their peers and contemporaries, often until long after their death when they were proven right. Why do we never learn anything from history?

To me the world seems to be stuck in denial at the moment.
There is overwhelming proof for the existence of flying objects that are extraterrestrial in origin. There is huge amounts of proof that there was a technological ancient civilisation that existed at least 12500 years ago. There is massive amounts of evidence that God and/or the Gods were extraterrestrials, even within religious literature such as the Bible. The list goes on.

It just make me very disappointed.



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