TV Documentaries Get Dumber

Les  1st Apr 2012 12:09:46

I watch Stargazing on BBC One a few weeks ago but was disappointed because I felt it was very dumbed down. A lot of women watched it but I think only because they fancy Brian Cox. The trouble is he only repeats information. He seems to have learnt it like you learn the lyrics of a song.

Also the BBC's Horizon program is a real disappointment now a days. I used to love watching Horizon because it was real science. People with vision and people who knew what they were talking about. Now it's all about how the presenter perceives things, how the presenter feels when he or she sees something 'Amazing'.

And there's a lot more I could complain about when it comes to 'science' on TV.
Since 911, TV documentaries tend to be an opportunity for spouting out propaganda. Like the so called 'man made global warming', the official account of 911 and the official account of 7/7. They also suppress of the truth about ancient civilisations that were on Earth long before our present civilisation, they suppress of truth about alien visitors, the corruption of the monitory system and suppress the fact that we could all be driving around in Hydrogen fuelled cars but petrol and diesel makes the governments far too much money.

Don't get me wrong about global warming. I think humans should clean up their act and stop polluting our environment. But when you look in to the real facts about the changes in the climate and you'll see that the big ball of energy, light and radiation that we call the Sun has a huge impact on the planet Earth, a far bigger impact than the CO2 that we generate could ever make.

Besides what is CO2 or Carbon-dioxide? It is part of our atmosphere and biosphere. Animals and humans breath in Oxygen and breath out Carbon-dioxide. Plants and trees take in Carbon-dioxide and give out Oxygen. What the governments have cleverly done for tax purposes is to confuse the gas Carbon-monoxide (that everyone knows is poisonous) with Carbon-dioxide that is actually a necessary part of life. The more carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere the bigger and stronger the plants grow so giving out more Oxygen.

School Science Book Pictures

Have all of you science teachers forgotten the lessens you gave before all of this 'man made climate change' madness? Where all of you people that took science in school just not paying attention?

Well anyway, that's my rant for today.



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