Spiral Time Machine

Les  30th Mar 2013 23:11:41

This idea occurred to me after reading about properties of energy.

It turns out that light, radio, and heat etc. are all in fact energy but energy at different frequencies.

For example:
Experiments show that light can be measured as single photons and also as waves. Other more recent experiments have shown the light waves are actually light traveling in a spiral. (A spiral seen from one side looks like a wave.) As light is just a small part of the energy spectrum (frequency range), it stands to reason that all energy is in essence, spiral.
If all energy is spiral in nature it also stands to reason that all the energy in the universe is spiral in nature too. (Super String Theory comes to mind here.) So that means that the dimensions we know about and all other dimensions we don't yet know about will be spirals too.
Unlike the diagrams we see in books of 3 straight lines depicting 3 dimensions (3D) then a strange fourth straight line supposedly representing the forth dimension (Time) , they should all be spirals. (The coils may be tiny but they will be spirals.)

So time is a spiral.
It may be possible to jump from one coil of the spiral to the next in either direction, backwards or forwards in time. The amount of time traveled as you jump from one coil to the next depends on how big the coils of the spiral are. If the coils are very big the time travelled will be significant. If the coils are very small the time travelled may be tiny but at least you will get to your time destination quicker.

As we know gravity can bend light, space and time. So gravity maybe compressing the spiral coils closer together.
Of course I have no idea how it would be possible to jump from one coil of the time spiral to the next but I'm sure someone will figure that out one day.



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