9/11 and Internet Surveillance

Les  25th Apr 2011 15:14:00

9/11 is a subject that seems too dangerous to mention. I put a video on these Thoughts pages about building 7 that most people haven't even heard about and it generated a lot of hits. Mentioning the president generates the same type of hits.

I looked to see where the hits originated and was surprised that some were from: MARKMONITOR INC - Arlington VA

They grabbed my attention because apart from google maps showing CIA and FBI buildings close to both addresses, the Domain Whois record says:

Domain Management
MarkMonitor Brand Protection™
AntiFraud Solutions
Corporate Consulting Services

If MARKMONITOR INC are monitoring the net for the FBI or the CIA, I must say I'm very impressed by their software that noticed so quickly that I'd published something about 9/11 and President Obama.

Now after reading conspiracy theories about 9/11 witnesses that have mysteriously died after saying they had stories that did not comply with the official story, I think maybe we all should be worried. Internet surveillance seems extremely advanced.

I'm sure this article will generate just as many MarkMonitor hits.

[Edited 25th April 2011 18:12:49]
MARKMONITOR INC - Sunnyvale CA visited the site 25th April 2011 18:09:39.



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