Les  13rd Apr 2011 12:26:43

The sightings in this section are ones that are very convincing and selected from the thousands of sightings on the internet and YouTube.

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CBS Radio News Report - The Battle of Los Angeles 1942

Les  19th Mar 2011 13:53:42

Known as 'The Battle of Los Angeles' this event took place late night 24th and early 25th Febuary 1942.
Originally thought to be Japanese bombers over the United States the craft were flying too high and too slow. Not one of the hundreds of artillery shells hit their target. People watching that night said the object was not a plane or barrage balloon. It seemed to just float or glide along.


UFO Brasil February 24, 2011

Les  2nd Mar 2011 19:33:41

Original Version

Stabilized Version


UFO over Jerusalem - The four (known) videos

Sean  22nd Feb 2011 20:55:19



Third (Definite fake)

The background of the video is a static image, which is
identical to this one on wikimedia. Unfortunately, it is the
video most used on news cast around the world.



UFO OVNI (?) over Bogotá, Colombia January 02 -2011

Les  6th Mar 2011 19:59:40

This was recorded on Sunday, January 2 2011 from the uploader's home in Chia in northern Bogota. It was a morning with a blue sky, so that's why he noticed this object remained motionless at high altitude. He then got his camera and tripod and managed to make three very short videos of it. This video includes the last two clips, the first one had too much camera shake. They are the original recordings, with no editing of any kind.

I suppose this one could just be a silver balloon reflecting the sunlight. It's hard to tell because it doesn't do anything but fly in a straight line behind the clouds in the second clip.


Jerusalem UFO Investigation

Les  6th Mar 2011 02:58:34

I think this is probably the start of the biggest story the world has ever seen. Wow that was a dramatic thing to say!

Well, there were three cameras that caught it on video plus a security camera picture showing a light above the dome at the same time the videos were made. I know there was another video that was shown on newscasts around the world but that is an obvious fake. Why people make fake UFO videos is beyond my comprehension. I mean if I made a video of a fake talent competition and called it “Britain's Got Talent” it would never be believed, now would it!

Anyway, like I said this Jerusalem UFO incident is big, very big. If people just stop being scared to admit that they believe UFOs from extraterrestrial origins might be real. If scientists get off their arrogant high horses and actually look into these incidents instead of ignoring the facts and the evidence.

Maybe the world could learn from those countries in the Middle East that suddenly seem to have realised that things shouldn't and cannot carry on as they have been. Maybe the world will have a “Revolution of the Truth”. Maybe the governments, NASA, CIA, FBI, MI5, MOD and the rest will stop this constant denial of what millions of people know to be true. Maybe I'm dreaming...

Is it just me or does this UFO look like an angle above the "Temple of the Dome" in one of the videos. Could this have happened 2011 years ago too? Did the people in the bible just simply misunderstand what they were seeing?

So in this video, Jaime Maussan tells the story of the three videos and CCTV picture. There is also a talk by the person that recorded the first video. The sound is not so good because of a noise filter used and the red orbs are not visible on this video probably because of the way the original videos were copied onto this video.


UFO Sighting Feb 19th 2011 Portland, Or. USA

Les  20th Feb 2011 13:45:49


William Roehling

Les  19th Feb 2011 23:59:01

He uses night vision binoculars with a video camera in one of the eye pieces.
I've looked at more of his videos and he doesn't seem to be just filming satellites. If you can ignore his commentary and concentrate on the objects that he's following they do seem to change speed and they do get brighter. (Although the brightness may be because at that position sunlight is reflecting off them from the sun below the horizon). There are often multiple objects and all moving in different directions.
Visit his YouTube website: sphericalwjr08800 He's been on Mexican TV: T3RCER MILENIO


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