2012, UFOs and the 'End of the World' as we know it.

Les  27th Aug 2011 09:31:33

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There is a 2012 theory that I've been getting to know about and it goes something like this:

In 2012 alien spacecraft (UFOs) will appear around the world and the aliens will then teach us about the information that has been kept from us by religions and governments over the millennia. The information will be so life changing that the world as we know it will cease to function politically and financially as it does now. The chaos that will ensue is the 'End of the World' as we know it, not the physical destruction of the world.

An addition to this theory describes how governments have already planned to portray the aliens as enemies and stage a 9/11 false-flag type event at the 2012 London Olympics where a man-made UFO (not an alien UFO) will attack the stadium during the games and kill thousands of people.
If the aliens can be made to look like enemies the Illuminati, (the small group of rich people that are said to be trying to rule the world by financially crushing counties that oppose them) will be able to continue accumulating vast amounts of wealth by keeping the rest of us in debt.
Although this tactic will ultimately fail and only strengthen the importance of the information from the aliens.

The information given will include humanities true history and origins that has been suppressed or simple forgotten, our link with Mars and our spiritual link with the universe. (I must point out that I don't like using the word 'spiritual' because it conjures up connections with Gods and religions. In this case it is more like ESP or a psychic connection.)

So there you go. To me this is a more believable theory than the one where planet Nibiru passes by and knocks the Earth off it's axis. Although yet again it's hard to find anything that makes me think it will definitely happen.

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