Planet-X and ET Contact - LIVE Feature - Ann Eller

Les  3rd Apr 2011 18:50:27

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This is another one of those 'End of the world as we know it' messages.

'Planet-X' AKA 'Nibiru' is on its way and set to cause the spin of the Earth to violently wobble. The elliptical orbit of Planet-X around the Sun is said to take 3600+ (Earth) years and it's getting closer. At the moment it's coming from the direction of the Sun and is said to be visible as the Sun rises in the morning.

In the picture above the Sun is the large object in the middle and Planet-X is said to be the dot closest and just to the right of the Sun. The two bright dots to the top right are lens flare.

Ann Eller also goes into a lot of spiritual stuff. I've never really been impressed by spiritual stories so the end of her talk just gets too religious for me. I'd hate to think the world would gain another religion that would disassociate another group of people from the rest and cause more killing.

There is a lot of information about Planet-X on the internet and it's all scary stuff. I'll be trying to spot Planet-X in the mornings as the Sun rises. So until I see it for myself I'd rather not say this is all true.


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