How do I change the world

Les  18th Dec 2011 01:38:30

How do I change the world when we are faced with such a powerful organised group of very rich people? Well it's like that old union saying; 'together we stand divided we fall' but how do I get people to realise what's going on in the first place. How do I get people to stand together?

Most people while accepting that sometimes a few politicians might be corrupt they find it hard to believe that a whole government could be even a little corrupt. That is the main reason why most people cannot even imagine that just maybe the events of September 11th 2001 could be different to that of the official account. So when you tell people that the government is not actually really the top of the pyramid it becomes deeply upsetting and unbelievable for them. Then CLICK their switch has been flicked and the insults and ridicule starts. The truth is, the government isn't working for us any more, it is working for the banks.

When the monitory system collapses completely and paper money's real value of absolutely nothing is realised because it is no longer (and hasn't been for a long time) backed by gold in the banks, what do we do then? How do we pay for food? Why should we go to work when the money we earn is worthless? There will be no point in going to a cash point, no point in trying to pay with a credit card. When the crisis happens the governments will say “OK this should never happen again. We need to set up a world bank” and everyone will say “OK, yes anything to get us out of this mess”. So that's what will happen but then we won't have even the tiniest bit of control over our lives.

Until then we have a chance to change things by campaigning for change. All of the democratic possibilities we have come to rely on will disappear when there is a world bank. If we don't like our standard of living who do we complain to? Not the government, they won't be able to do anything because the real power will be in the world bank. If a government doesn't like how the bank is operating what can they do? The world bank could simply stop a whole county from using the banks money. In affect a world bank could hold a country to ransom. In fact a world bank could hold the whole world to ransom. As well as a world bank the next step is to create a world army. NATO is already expanding so that would probably be taken over to do the world banks bidding.

I know you're probably thinking “That would never happen! He's gone nuts!” but have you spent any time at all finding out about how the monitory system works? If you haven't even looked into it how can you be sure.

After finding out about how the system works, I think the worse thing I could do would be not to tell anyone and I definitely don't want to be saying “I told you so”. I really hope that the monitory system doesn't collapse but what if it does? I can assure you, no-one will like it. All of the signs say it is inevitable, even though mainstream news isn't saying that. Your life will never be the same again. All of the freedoms you love and your parents fought for and their parents fought for will be wiped out so quickly you won't even notice until you need something (like food or a place to live).

So remember this: It's not who we are it's what we are. If we don't do anything, hoping it'll all turn out OK and then there is a crash, what does it make us?



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