This is a section with information that doesn't really fit in the other sections. It's mainly my observations on the things that point us in certain directions often without our knowing. The things that happen right in front of our eyes that would, if we'd thought about them, make us annoyed. (It's mainly me ranting on about something or other.)

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Another Pathetic UFO Mockumentary

Les  17th Jun 2013 21:09:07

I just watched a documentary by National Geographic called 'UFO UK: New Evidence' 2012

Once again the two people this type of pathetic mockumentary used were:

Nick Pope - MOD ex-operative and
Dr. David Clark - his Ph.D is in Folklore but is always portrayed as a scientist.

A documentary that intends to find out the true about UFOs would NOT employ these two NUMBSKULLS because they would know that one of these NUMBSKULLS would not be allowed to give away UK secrets and the other NUMBSKULL hasn't got the slightest clue.

This sort of documentary just makes me angry!!!


TV Documentaries Get Dumber

Les  1st Apr 2012 12:09:46

I watch Stargazing on BBC One a few weeks ago but was disappointed because I felt it was very dumbed down. A lot of women watched it but I think only because they fancy Brian Cox. The trouble is he only repeats information. He seems to have learnt it like you learn the lyrics of a song.

Also the BBC's Horizon program is a real disappointment now a days. I used to love watching Horizon because it was real science. People with vision and people who knew what they were talking about. Now it's all about how the presenter perceives things, how the presenter feels when he or she sees something 'Amazing'.

And there's a lot more I could complain about when it comes to 'science' on TV.
Since 911, TV documentaries tend to be an opportunity for spouting out propaganda. Like the so called 'man made global warming', the official account of 911 and the official account of 7/7. They also suppress of the truth about ancient civilisations that were on Earth long before our present civilisation, they suppress of truth about alien visitors, the corruption of the monitory system and suppress the fact that we could all be driving around in Hydrogen fuelled cars but petrol and diesel makes the governments far too much money.

Don't get me wrong about global warming. I think humans should clean up their act and stop polluting our environment. But when you look in to the real facts about the changes in the climate and you'll see that the big ball of energy, light and radiation that we call the Sun has a huge impact on the planet Earth, a far bigger impact than the CO2 that we generate could ever make.

Besides what is CO2 or Carbon-dioxide? It is part of our atmosphere and biosphere. Animals and humans breath in Oxygen and breath out Carbon-dioxide. Plants and trees take in Carbon-dioxide and give out Oxygen. What the governments have cleverly done for tax purposes is to confuse the gas Carbon-monoxide (that everyone knows is poisonous) with Carbon-dioxide that is actually a necessary part of life. The more carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere the bigger and stronger the plants grow so giving out more Oxygen.

School Science Book Pictures

Have all of you science teachers forgotten the lessens you gave before all of this 'man made climate change' madness? Where all of you people that took science in school just not paying attention?

Well anyway, that's my rant for today.


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - Official Release - 2011

Les  27th Nov 2011 16:19:30

If you consider yourself as being 'Open Minded' don't shy away from information that is not shown on mainstream media. You may have noticed the commercialisation of YouTube. So how long do you think it will be before the only things show on YouTube are those backed by big business? While the internet is still relatively uncensored watch this stuff before it's too late.


What is 'Open-Minded'?

Les  20th Jun 2011 15:11:24

Well on line The Free Dictionary and Your Dictionary both define it as 'Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others'. I'm sure most other dictionaries define it in a similar way.

So when people say to me they are Open-Minded but then go on to say that all UFOs have to have an Earthly explanation because it is impossible to travel between stars due to the vast distances evolved, well that just makes me very disappointed. Not annoyed or angry as you may expect. It just makes me very disappointed.

Disappointed because when I think about how intelligent some of these people are (Engineers mainly) that I've talked to. It makes me think how much further on technologically the world would be if people were truly open-minded.

I've just watched the video again in my article called Secret UFO Propulsion Systems and I just don't understand why Boyd Bushman a Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin hasn't been on the front cover of every scientific magazine because of his work on Anti-Gravity.

If you mention anti-gravity to people they seem to go into a sort of glassy eyed state where you can tell they are not even listening. It's because of a long held presumption that anti-gravity is only possible in science-fiction. Whereas if you talk about UFOs to people they take it as a joke or a licence to make fun of you. It can get quite nasty.

History is full of scientists and inventors who suffered ridicule from their peers and contemporaries, often until long after their death when they were proven right. Why do we never learn anything from history?

To me the world seems to be stuck in denial at the moment.
There is overwhelming proof for the existence of flying objects that are extraterrestrial in origin. There is huge amounts of proof that there was a technological ancient civilisation that existed at least 12500 years ago. There is massive amounts of evidence that God and/or the Gods were extraterrestrials, even within religious literature such as the Bible. The list goes on.

It just make me very disappointed.


What is Nick Pope all about?

Les  5th Jun 2011 16:05:33

Forum Discussion

I've just been listening to an interview with Nick Pope. His words all seem very interesting but are an empty disappointment when he finishes what he has to say. You don't learn anything because he has nothing original in his head.

I feel like I've just wasted an hour.


Spiral Time Machine

Les  30th Mar 2013 23:11:41

This idea occurred to me after reading about properties of energy.

It turns out that light, radio, and heat etc. are all in fact energy but energy at different frequencies.

For example:
Experiments show that light can be measured as single photons and also as waves. Other more recent experiments have shown the light waves are actually light traveling in a spiral. (A spiral seen from one side looks like a wave.) As light is just a small part of the energy spectrum (frequency range), it stands to reason that all energy is in essence, spiral.
If all energy is spiral in nature it also stands to reason that all the energy in the universe is spiral in nature too. (Super String Theory comes to mind here.) So that means that the dimensions we know about and all other dimensions we don't yet know about will be spirals too.
Unlike the diagrams we see in books of 3 straight lines depicting 3 dimensions (3D) then a strange fourth straight line supposedly representing the forth dimension (Time) , they should all be spirals. (The coils may be tiny but they will be spirals.)

So time is a spiral.
It may be possible to jump from one coil of the spiral to the next in either direction, backwards or forwards in time. The amount of time traveled as you jump from one coil to the next depends on how big the coils of the spiral are. If the coils are very big the time travelled will be significant. If the coils are very small the time travelled may be tiny but at least you will get to your time destination quicker.

As we know gravity can bend light, space and time. So gravity maybe compressing the spiral coils closer together.
Of course I have no idea how it would be possible to jump from one coil of the time spiral to the next but I'm sure someone will figure that out one day.


How do I change the world

Les  18th Dec 2011 01:38:30

How do I change the world when we are faced with such a powerful organised group of very rich people? Well it's like that old union saying; 'together we stand divided we fall' but how do I get people to realise what's going on in the first place. How do I get people to stand together?

Most people while accepting that sometimes a few politicians might be corrupt they find it hard to believe that a whole government could be even a little corrupt. That is the main reason why most people cannot even imagine that just maybe the events of September 11th 2001 could be different to that of the official account. So when you tell people that the government is not actually really the top of the pyramid it becomes deeply upsetting and unbelievable for them. Then CLICK their switch has been flicked and the insults and ridicule starts. The truth is, the government isn't working for us any more, it is working for the banks.

When the monitory system collapses completely and paper money's real value of absolutely nothing is realised because it is no longer (and hasn't been for a long time) backed by gold in the banks, what do we do then? How do we pay for food? Why should we go to work when the money we earn is worthless? There will be no point in going to a cash point, no point in trying to pay with a credit card. When the crisis happens the governments will say “OK this should never happen again. We need to set up a world bank” and everyone will say “OK, yes anything to get us out of this mess”. So that's what will happen but then we won't have even the tiniest bit of control over our lives.

Until then we have a chance to change things by campaigning for change. All of the democratic possibilities we have come to rely on will disappear when there is a world bank. If we don't like our standard of living who do we complain to? Not the government, they won't be able to do anything because the real power will be in the world bank. If a government doesn't like how the bank is operating what can they do? The world bank could simply stop a whole county from using the banks money. In affect a world bank could hold a country to ransom. In fact a world bank could hold the whole world to ransom. As well as a world bank the next step is to create a world army. NATO is already expanding so that would probably be taken over to do the world banks bidding.

I know you're probably thinking “That would never happen! He's gone nuts!” but have you spent any time at all finding out about how the monitory system works? If you haven't even looked into it how can you be sure.

After finding out about how the system works, I think the worse thing I could do would be not to tell anyone and I definitely don't want to be saying “I told you so”. I really hope that the monitory system doesn't collapse but what if it does? I can assure you, no-one will like it. All of the signs say it is inevitable, even though mainstream news isn't saying that. Your life will never be the same again. All of the freedoms you love and your parents fought for and their parents fought for will be wiped out so quickly you won't even notice until you need something (like food or a place to live).

So remember this: It's not who we are it's what we are. If we don't do anything, hoping it'll all turn out OK and then there is a crash, what does it make us?


Believing in UFOs is not a religion!

Les  24th Jul 2011 19:59:20

As usual as soon as I hear anything to do with UFOs mentioned on the TV my ears prick up and I watch with interest. Even when the people are making fun of the whole idea of UFOs.

I've noticed a change in the last few months. More and more people talk about believing in UFOs as being like a religion.


It's as if religious people who think because UFOs and E.T.s are not in their bible or other religious texts, then the people believing in them must follow another religion.

For a while I knew it reminded me of something but I just couldn't remember what. It was one of those, on the tip of my tongue moments that lasted for a few weeks.

Then suddenly I remembered while watching a comedian on an old TV show from the 70s.
In those days there was a lot of racism, sexism and homophobia in society but hardly anyone realised. It was in the papers, on the TV and on the radio all the time. (It's a lot better now a days but I'm sad to say still there.)

I remember the typical comments people made all the time about gay couples. They used to ask things like “Well who plays the woman in the relation ship?” They just couldn't understand what being gay meant. (At this point I feel the need to say I'm not gay even though I shouldn't really have to.)

So back to my point about people saying 'believing in UFOs is like a religion'. Saying that is exactly like people in the 70s misunderstanding what it meant to be gay.

Believing in UFOs is not a religion!


Why are there no Black Aliens?

Les  7th Jun 2011 15:41:11

I was watching some videos on a YouTube channel that had a lot of videos about how white people have bleached history white. Jesus being the main subject. Well, I'm white and far from believing in a white history and the white people of the bible, I think the Caucasian assimilation goes further, much further.

How could the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt be white when the the vast majority of people living there are dark skinned? If you take a good look at what is left of the face of the Sphinx you'll see that it has the features of a dark skinned or black person. Look at it from all sides.

Huge stone heads depicting black faces have been found all over the world that are most likely dating from thousands and thousands of years before the earliest history as depicted in the bible.

Olmecs lived along the Gulf of Mexico
from about 1200BC

I can see why black people become angry when they learn about the white elimination of black history. Everybody, white and black and all of the other shades in-between need to remember that we've all been fooled. People only believe in the white history because that is how it's taught in school and how history is depicted in the media.

Some of the videos I watched had angry black ministers shouting at white people on the street as if those particular white people had instigated the whole thing. Yet it was obvious that the white people hadn't a clue about the reality of human history. There was no wonder that the white people found it hard to believe that what they had been taught their whole life was wrong.

I'm not saying that black people shouldn't get angry about the white takeover of history, they have every right to. I'm not saying that the videos of people shouting down white people don't have an effect. All I'm saying is that confrontation and shock wont win the argument, education will. Education as in; get the information out there, get it in the media, write it in books and get more of it on the internet.

This subject started me thinking about the white depiction of Aliens too. Some ufologists talk about there being around 64 different alien species out there and they range in everything from hairy giants to little grey men (and women). Whatever colour the aliens are shown as, be it grey, green or scaly they all seem to have faces that are some sort of deformed white face.

If as I think there was an advanced civilisation 12500 years ago, said to be gods or alien in origin, who travelled the world leaving huge stone statues depicting themselves. At least some of them were black because some of the stone faces have black features. If they were descendent of gods or aliens that must mean at least some gods or aliens were and are black.


UFOs and Me!

Les  12nd May 2011 08:17:46

[First posted on Facebook on 25 April 2011 at 23:01]

The thing is, I'm not really bothered any more about whether people think I'm a bit odd for wanting to talk about UFOs.

It's hard for people to believe in UFOs for a few reasons, one of them being that every time UFOs are mentioned on TV the presenters treat it as a joke. They make out that people who believe in UFOs are somehow deranged or gullible. Ridicule is a powerful tool used by the media and the authorities alike. No-one wants to look like an idiot so most people don't even look at UFO evidence as a consequence they believe what they see on TV.

The fact is that most people who see UFOs are people who are normal, sane people and are often doctors, pilots, police, generals, politicians, astronauts etc. Exactly the type of people who would be picked to sit on a jury and would be trusted to decide the guilt or innocence of suspects in important cases in a court of law.

The reason I set up the website at is so that we can put all of the convincing evidence and information that we find about UFOs in one place.

Even if you're not really very interested in UFOs go to and listen to the information in the many videos of talks by ex-military and ex-NASA people, watch the unmistakable sightings, watch the scientific documentaries and you'll soon understand what I'm talking about.

I'm not concerned with the UFOs that turn out to be natural phenomenon or hoaxes. The fact is that some UFOs, how ever low the percentage, are real manufactured physical flying objects that are not from this world.

The fact is if you're not concerned or interested in UFOs, you are simply uninformed.


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