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UFO / Abduction / Contact cases reported to Richplanet.net & BUFOG

Les  18th Jun 2011 20:24:16

Dave Hodrien, the chairman of the Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG) talks to Richard D. Hall about some of the cases reported to BUFOG.

These are just two of many programmes Richard D. Hall has made. You can buy them on DVD from his website at richplanet.net


NASA Response to 2012 End of the World Claims

Les  4th Jun 2011 11:29:04

Forum Discussion

I think NASA have got a lot of secrets especially about extraterrestrial life but I think some good points are made in this interview.

I know some people will say "well NASA would say that to stop a world wide panic" but as I've said before this 2012 end of the world idea is a mixture of about 4 different unrelated ancient stories that for some reason have been roped together to be more scary.

As Donald Yomans says in this interview the Mayan calendar does not end on the 21st of December 2012 it is only the end of what is called a 'Long Count'.

The next Mayan 'Long Count' begins the next day and will last for another cycle of 5125 years.


UFO Congress - Interview With Stanton Friedman 2011

Les  25th May 2011 12:28:05

I've used this video because Stanton Friedman always seems to come out with things that I already thought but he just has a great knack of putting his words together in the most effective way.

Stanton Friedman talks about how debunkers work but how scepticism is a good thing. There is a difference between a sceptic and a debunker. A sceptic says "Maybe, lets check the facts". The debunkers say "I know what the answer is! These things can't possibly be real." and if his first explanation doesn't work he'll try a second one, and a third one etc.

On the positive side, once in a while debunkers do point out things that were overlooked and that forces people to go back and do their homework to prove the debunker wrong (or right).

On the negative side, debunkers tend to scare people away from even speaking out publicly because they tend to attack the people personally rather than convey any real argument against the evidence.

I think everyone should be sceptical. Don't just believe everything you see and hear from either sides of the UFO debate. Study the subject, get as much information as you can and you'll be able to make your own mind up.

Of course I do think that the more you learn about UFOs the more you'll come to the opinion that I have, that Extraterrestrial UFOs do exist and are visiting the Earth. A lot of the arguments I hear from people who don't believe in UFOs, only show how little they actually know about the subject.


Disclosure is Already Happening
UFO's and Extraterrestrial Aliens Are Real (APRIL 2011)

Les  22nd May 2011 12:47:32


Evidence of Ancient Electrical Devices found in the Great Pyramid

Les  24th Jun 2011 21:28:35

Christopher Dunn, the author of the book 'Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt' reveals the discovery of evidence of electrical terminals, cables and even ancient wiring diagrams inside one of the Great Pyramid's shafts.

He says that every robot explorer they send up the shafts find more and more evidence to prove that his theory is correct.

Back in 1977, Dunn was first person to described the Great Pyramid as a power plant. He was the first to describe the pins as electrical devices, found in one of the shafts by robotics engineer Rudolph Gantenbrink's robot in 2002. Now many people have called the the Great Pyramid a power plant constructed by aliens, although Dunn has never said he thinks that the Great Pyramid was built by aliens, only that it was built by the indigenous people living in that area at the time.

Click Here


Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge - Steven Greer, MD

Les  21st Jun 2011 13:04:23

The Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project, Steven M. Greer, MD, talks about the information and background to why the Disclosure Project came about.



Planet X Nibiru, Atlantis and Ancient Astronauts

Les  18th Jun 2011 14:23:09

This is a collection of videos (they look like VHS) that nicely give an insight into the information contained in the ancient Sumerian texts written on about 5000 cylinder seals and tablets.

The Sumerians wrote about the Anunnaki; an alien civilisation from the planet Nibiru (AKA Planet X). Nibiru is said to be on a huge elliptical orbit of the sun that takes around 3600 Earth years. The Sumerians knew about the solar system long before our civilisation realised the earth wasn't flat. They knew about the 9 planets (including Pluto) but also included Nibiru and for certain reasons that they give they also included the Moon. So including the Sun they always talked about 12 bodies in our solar system.

The Sumerian texts say that we humans look like the Anunnaki because they genetically altered our ancient ancestors. The reason being that they needed slaves to work for them. So we look like them but they limited us to use only 10% of our brain.

See also:
2012 - Planet Nibiru - Planet X - Elenin


First-Hand Roswell UFO Memories

Les  17th Jun 2011 16:05:55

Army intelligence officer Jack Trowbridge, speaks for the first time about the Roswell UFO crash and how he personally handled "memory material" taken from the wreck site.


NSA UFO Files Reveal "Extraterrestrial Messages" Received

Les  22nd May 2011 13:36:44

This is a technical journal entitled "Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages".

Here is the fist part of the Appendix [the ninth page]:

Recently a series of radio messages was heard coming from outer space. The transmission was not continuous, but cut by pauses into pieces which could by taken as units, for they were repeated over over and over again. The pauses show here as punctuation. The various combinations have been represented by letters or the alphabet, so that the messages can be written down, Each message except the first is given here only once. The serial number or the message has been supplied for each reference.

[Added 23rd May 2011 12:30:10]
After fully reading the journal
Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence
by Lambros D. Callimahos (1966)
I now realised it was just an exercise devised by Lambros D. Callimahos (see page 83).

It had me fooled for a while and it goes to show you should get as much information as possible before posting something on the net.
It doesn't prove that alien messages have been received at all. Only that the NSA were considering the possibility of receiving alien messages.

Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages
by H. Campaigne (1969)

Also read these:
Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence
by Lambros D. Callimahos (1966)

Extraterrestrial Intelligence
by Howard H. Campaigne (1966)

Documents released Jan 15, 2009 from:
NSA UFO Documents Index

Also more information from The Computer UFO Network:


Dr Edgar Mitchell speaks about UFO

Les  10th May 2011 13:11:18


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