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This website aims is to present the important and convincing evidence about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials visiting the Earth. Also important information that is being kept out of the lame-stream media.
The intention of YUFO is to only bring you the truth.

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Brien Foerster: Mystery of the Elongated Skulls & DNA tests

Les  29th Jan 2016 23:02:52

Origins Conference - FULL LECTURE


The Word's forgotten Victims By Gary Yourofsky

Les  25th Jan 2016 16:42:32


Did Aliens Create The Human Race? Ancient Texts Say YES

Les  25th Jan 2016 00:11:27


Ancient Race Of White Giants Described By Native American Legends

Les  25th Jan 2016 00:05:41


Hybrid Human Alien Children

Les  25th Jan 2016 00:02:49

Part 1 - Bridget Nielsen

Part 2 - Aluna Verse


An Evening With Lloyd Pye

Les  24th Jan 2016 23:58:37


Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion - Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel

Les  24th Jan 2016 23:31:40


Klaus Dona - Unsolved Mysteries

Les  29th Jan 2016 22:59:10

Ancient Artefacts & Extreme Antiquity - FULL LECTURE


Researchers Are Pretty Sure They've Found A New Planet In Our Solar System

Les  25th Jan 2016 00:19:53

Huffington Post

Science Magazine



Les  24th Jan 2016 23:40:49

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Richplanet TV


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