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UFOs & Religion

Les  22nd Mar 2011 21:34:45

Richard D. Hall's take on the Religion, the Bible and UFOs.
He is from Newcastle, a city in the North East of England so it may take a while for you Americans (and you Londoners) to get used to his 'Geordie' accent but it's well worth it. He is a mine of information.

This is just one of many programmes Richard D. Hall has made. You can buy them on DVD from his website at richplanet.net


NASA Scientist: We Found Alien Life

Les  20th Mar 2011 15:08:03

Astrobiologist at NASAís Marshall Space Flight Center Richard B. Hoover has identified extremely small microscopic bacteria in several meteorites. Fossils of bacteria found in a rare class of meteorite called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites.

Fossils of bacteria

Richard B. Hoover

The following are a few of the many reports that talk of his findings:
Journal of Cosmology

The following reports are from mainstream media. Some do the usual dismissal of the findings or try to make it 'funny':
Daily Mail 1
Daily Mail 2
The Trumpet
CBS News


Britain and US 'were investigating' UFO sightings

Les  17th Mar 2011 23:33:58

BBC World's Matt Frei talked to Bill Birnes about the British and US governments release of previously classified documents showing the governments have been investigating UFO sightings for years.
Matt Frei obviously can't understand why governments would even bother looking in to anything to do with UFOs. World News America


Washington Post: UFO files released by the UK government

Les  10th Mar 2011 14:26:03

Washington Post: UFO files released by the UK government: Balls of light, alien autopsy and more Posted at 1:24 PM ET, 03/ 3/2011

Why did the UK government keep secret this childish UFO drawing with rocket flames coming out of it's feet, propellers and religious symbols? I suppose it's in the Washington Post article to make people who see UFOs seem ridiculous.

This is the Telegraph page mentioned in the news story above:
Telegraph: UFO sightings caught on film Posted at 12:01AM GMT 03 Mar 2011

They have put together a short video using three UFO clips. The second clip they use is the UFO over Jerusalem clip that is a definite fake. They even acknowledge the fact by saying "The authenticity of the clip has been widely debated online". So why didn't they use one of the other three videos?
I think this clip must have been distributed to all of the news media outlets knowing that they wouldn't bother looking at the other clips once they had this one.


Evidence of Nuclear Activity in Paleoindian Times

Les  3rd Mar 2011 13:30:55

A report by Richard B. Firestone and William Topping

The report is preceded by an explanation on how radiocarbon dating works and describes the reasons for inconstant results.
Carbon and Radiocarbon Dating: A Primer

It's heavy reading but very interesting and educational.
Evidence of Nuclear Activity in Paleoindian Times

Then read Ancient Atomic Knowledge?
and Ancient Atomic Wars - Best Evidence?

The Full collection of information is at Ancient Atomic Warfare


Roswell - The UFO UnCoverup

Les  21st Mar 2011 00:13:51

'Oh no not another documentary about Roswell' I hear you say! Well this one is interesting because it does more than just ask 'Did a flying saucer crash in Roswell?'. Analyses of apparently real Roswell crash debris indicating it to be truly extraterrestrial manufactured structures. Information about the alien races that are visiting, studying or just interested in us in some way. Also a symbiotic fusion containment engine.



Aztec 1948 UFO Crash - The Government Cover-Up of Recovered Alien

Les  16th Mar 2011 23:42:01

In this video Stanton T. Friedman just keeps coming up with the right things to say. He seems to automatically look into things deeper than most people and works things out.



UK Government UFO File - June 2005 sighting by a 91 year old woman

Les  15th Mar 2011 13:48:15

I was looking through the UK Government UFO files recently released in March 2011 and came across this story sent in by a 91 year old woman. Her letter and account of what happened seems very real and honest. She may have been 91 at the time but she defiantly hadnít lost her marbles. She sounds very intelligent.

I found it interesting mainly because although for years every Sunday she had gone to church and to the adjoining hall for tea and biscuits with her friends, when she told them of her UFO sighting they didnít believe her. It upset her very much.

It seems such a rotten thing for governments and the media to do, to perpetuate the atmosphere of disbelief and ridicule in all things to do with UFOs. This lady, like many other people who see UFOs are only telling what they saw. Itís unfair if they are then treated as some kind of idiot when all they want to do is make sure the authorities are aware of these potential threats to national security.

The National Archives
The National Archives - Archived Content


Newly released UFO files from the UK government

Les  14th Mar 2011 21:12:27

The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 2000-2005.

Files released in March 2011

The National Archives
The National Archives - Archived Content

I wanted to use a news cast video for this story but every news cast I've found so far hasn't treated it seriously. If I find one that isn't playing the x-files music in the background or that doesn't have the narrator talking as though the people seeing the UFOs were somehow delusional, I'll put it right here!

This is Coast To Coast AM radio.
LINDA MOLTEN HOWE speaks about the Rendlesham Forest missing files.


Circle on Mars found by Spirit rover

Les  5th Mar 2011 13:28:18

I was looking at some of the pictures sent back by the Spirit Mars rover.

I've see a few videos and picture showing strange things in the nasa images and I've even seen videos about this picture on places like youtube.com and ufotv.com but I don't think anyone has noticed this before.


From: http://marsrovers.nasa.gov/gallery/press/spirit/20040716a.html

This is a section of the picture above of the hill or mountain in the distance. The blue arrow is pointing at the circle.


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