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This website aims is to present the important and convincing evidence about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials visiting the Earth. Also important information that is being kept out of the lame-stream media.
The intention of YUFO is to only bring you the truth.

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Bob Lazar - Official Q&A - Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:04:56


Anti-Gravity - Mike McCulloch

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:56:06

In his new, alternative model of how swirling galaxies stay together without the need for the mythical so called dark matter, he has shown how an anti-gravity device would work.

A Closer Look At The Simulation Theory

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:50:27


Evidence Aliens Genetically Created Humans

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:42:44


The Suppressed History of the United States

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:40:52


Bob Lazar Area 51 UFO Debate: Stanton Friedman and Jeremy Corbell

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:06:04


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:53:33


Is our universe someone else's computer simulation?

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:48:42


The Anunnaki and The Pyramids

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:41:53


Perfectly Smooth Shell Of A Craft

Les  16th Mar 2019 09:39:56

Gary McKinnon's first interview in years.

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