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Gods of Cydonia - The Case for
Ancient Structures In the Solar System

Les  28th Feb 2011 22:54:02

Lecture by Richard C. Hoagland

Another long lecture again well worth watching.


UFO Cover-Up eXplained in 10 Minutes!
- Author & Historian Richard M Dolan eXoPolitics

Les  26th Feb 2011 16:37:54

Richard Dolan explains some of the high points of the on-going UFO cover-up, but it's not your average lecture.

Exopolitics Richard M Dolan UFO secrecy conspiracy cover-up alien extraterrestrial disclosure, Roswel,l Condon and Blue Book.


The Disclosure Project

Les  19th Feb 2011 18:35:16

A nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. They have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.


Are We Alone? - Zecharia Sitchin

Les  18th Feb 2011 23:07:00

I was watching Richplanet Starship 18/02/2011 and it showed a bit of a VHS video that had been sent in to them about the Russian Phobos spacecraft. Richard asked if anyone knew anything about it.

Well I'd just been watching that video on the UFOTV channel of YouTube.com about a week ago.

Richard's website is: http://richplanet.net/

This is the video:


See also:
2012 - Planet Nibiru - Planet X - Elenin


Vimanas & Biblioteca Pleyades

Les  2nd Mar 2011 11:12:16

I was surfing the net looking for pictures of Vimanas (ancient Indian flying machines) and I stumbled upon the Biblioteca Pleyades website:
It's a website with a huge amount of information in English, Spanish and Italian. It's quite difficult to navigate but it's well worth the effort.

Among the many significant contributions of ancient Indian scientists, Vymanika Shastra is notably a towering work dealing with vimanas and allied topics.
The pictures are in Chapter 20:


UFO conference heads to Valley 23rd - 27th Feb 2011

Les  22nd Feb 2011 13:14:36

Conference organizer Alejandro Rojas said 'This phenomena is taken much more seriously by the military than you typically see in the media and there are much more credible people who have these experiences'.

Military personnel are among more than 20 speakers who will talk about everything from possible government cover-ups to alien abductees.



"This Is Disclosure" conference - Exopolitics Leeds 2011 in the UK

Les  22nd Feb 2011 13:03:13

The 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo being held on 5th to 7th August, 2011 at the University of Leeds, in the city of Leeds in the UK.

The event will be over three days with Friday August 5th looking at UFOs & the Media, Saturday August 6th looking at Military Encounters with UFOs and August 7th looking at Human Encounters with Aliens.



Flying Saucers Are Real

Les  19th Feb 2011 18:21:03

Full Features Parts 1 & 2 with Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman

Part 1


Part 2



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