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This website aims is to present the important and convincing evidence about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials visiting the Earth. Also important information that is being kept out of the lame-stream media.
The intention of YUFO is to only bring you the truth.

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1993 Speech Stan Meyer Exposes One World Government

Les  15th Mar 2016 19:30:17


Klaus Dona - Unsolved Mysteries

Les  29th Jan 2016 22:59:10

Ancient Artefacts & Extreme Antiquity - FULL LECTURE


The Word's forgotten Victims By Gary Yourofsky

Les  25th Jan 2016 16:42:32


Did Aliens Create The Human Race? Ancient Texts Say YES

Les  25th Jan 2016 00:11:27


Hybrid Human Alien Children

Les  25th Jan 2016 00:02:49

Part 1 - Bridget Nielsen

Part 2 - Aluna Verse


Donald Scott: Cosmic Power Lines

Les  11st Feb 2016 11:39:17

Dr. Donald Scott shows evidence of counter-rotating clouds at the north poles of Saturn and other planets.
Such counter-rotating bands, wherever they occur, are strong evidence that electrical energy is pouring down into the tops of those bodies via Birkeland currents.

Part 1

Part 2


How to cut stone with sound

Les  3rd Feb 2016 17:07:49

There are huge amounts of proof of an ancient worldwide civilisation (probably giants) that built the megalithic structures. They were defiantly very intelligent, highly technological, artistic, had heavy lifting gear and power tools.
This video shows a way of drilling holes in stone using sound, a steel sphere and a copper pipe.

Of course this would mean that the ancients first had to be capable of making a steel sphere and a copper pipe. They'd also need some way of producing the sound wave forms and some sort of sound amplification system (maybe electronics). I'm quite sure the people that lived over 12500 years ago, before the end of the last ice age (and the flood), could do all of these things but I think they'd probably just use some sort of hand held hammer drill instead.


An Evening With Lloyd Pye

Les  24th Jan 2016 23:58:37


Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion - Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel

Les  24th Jan 2016 23:31:40


Boyd Bushman's last interview

Les  22nd Oct 2014 14:42:04

Boyd Bushman (born 1936, died August 7, 2014).

Senior research engineer who worked for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft. Regarded as one of the inventors of the Stinger missile.

In this video he shows photographs of real UFOs and aliens.

A very important video. Please watch.


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