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This website aims is to present the important and convincing evidence about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials visiting the Earth. Also important information that is being kept out of the lame-stream media.
The intention of YUFO is to only bring you the truth.

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Information they don't want you to know

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:40:21


Angkor Wat

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:24:15


2018 Conspiracy Theories Turned Conspiracy Facts

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:11:56


MIT Science Reporter - Landing on the Moon (1966)???

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:08:55

This is a 1966 film from MIT about and showing the 'Lunar Excursion Module' (LEM). Look how precisely the LEM is put together. Look at where the rivets form perfect lines in the perfectly shaped panels. How did that evolve into the tinfoil and balsa wood thing that supposedly landed on the moon in 1969?

Early Sightings of Aliens

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:06:52


Richard Dolan Interviews Jeremy Corbell on Bob Lazar Documentary

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:39:14


Skinwalker Ranch

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:37:39


Easter Island: Lost Ancient High Technology

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:36:45


The 12,000 Year old Comet That Erased Ancient Civilization

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:34:25

A massive 19-mile (31km) wide crater was recently discovered hidden underneath Greenlandís Hiawatha Glacier. This 12,000 year old crater is the result of an asteroid impact, from a nearly 1 mile-wide mountain of iron, weighing somewhere around, 11-12 BILLION tons, and was travelling at approximately 43,000 miles per hour. It hit the Earth with the same force as a 700-megaton bomb.

Ancient Knowledge

Les  16th Mar 2019 10:26:56


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